Who Are the Top Pakistani Fashion Designers?

Fashion designing is related closely with a concept known as perfection. The top fashion designers of today are always able to reflect symmetry and perfection in their work. The Pakistani fashion artists in some cases derive their inspiration from the international based fashion industry, but the work they do for Pakistan in Pakistani style is remarkable about the Pakistani clothing and fashion markets. Below are three of the top Pakistani Fashion Designers of today.

1.Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin) is an incredibly talented choreographer and designer who has participated in some international Fashion Shows with the Pakistani platform. He started his independent clothing label and brand known as HSY in the year 2000. To date, the HSY brand is in the 6th top position for South Asian brands. After achieving such success in clothing, he started jewelry design in 2007. His unique creations have ensured he keeps a top position in the top Pakistani fashion designers.

2.Deepak Perwani

This designer first made his mark in the men’s clothing line and later went onto designing a women’s range due to the emerging and growing markets. To begin with Perwani only designed luxury and beautiful dresses and his work in the bridal dress lines gained him massive success. Some of his collections have featured in the Lux Style Awards, Zargali Premier and the famous Dubai Fashion Show.

3.Fahad Hussayn

Now considered one of the top members of the Pakistani Fashion Designers, Hussayn works with both modern and traditional clothing patterns and designs to design the latest dresses as well as the types that are focused on the simple cuts. Fahad is a textile and fashion graduate from the Beacon House National University and completed his specialization in association with Bridal Wear.

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