What Should You Expect From Hiring An SEO Company In New York?

Hiring an SEO company based in New York is no definite than hiring a company in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world. Results in Search Engine Optimization are never guaranteed – if you are a local business based in The Big Apple, hiring a local SEO professional does NOT guarantee that you will be top one for your search terms. The ranking algorithm is more complicated than that.

That said, if you are getting a freelancing professional or an agency on board, you should not expect them to make bold claims about where your site will be one month from now. All they will say is that there will be some movement in the rankings.

What is SEO? It is the art and the science of making your site rank in the search engines. However, since it is the largest, all efforts towards ranking are aimed at ranking on Google. There was a time in the past when it was easy to list, however, with spam abuse, the search engine is continuously releasing updates that would game the system in one website’s favor.

However, the best SEO professionals have found out that no matter what updates are released, the basics are the same. Rankings are based on relevance to the keyword being searched for, and authority. Authority means that third-party websites and people, in general, recognize that a particular site is an authority on a specific subject, and they show it through social media shares and links to a specific page on the website.

The company you hire to make your website rank on Google should, at the very least, optimize your site, so it becomes more relevant to its targeted search term. They should also give you reports on what they are there doing to make your site an authority on its topic.

Here is one of the best SEO company’s website: http://searchtides.com