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The Use of Modern Technology in Surveillance

If you’re the private investigators near me you’re going to love the boom in modern technology that can make your job a whole lot easier. Here are some great modern technology tools you can use in your next surveillance.

Quality Cell Phone

Your cell phone can be a huge asset to your technology. You can use it to record quality video and photos of the subject. You can use it to run Google earth searches and find out where locations are of places of employment and residence. You can also use it to locate areas where you might be able to blend in and park the car unobtrusively. It’s well worth the investment to have this and use it to your advantage at all times.


Whether you use the GPS on your cell phone or a separate one from your vehicle, it can be very helpful to have and use. You can follow someone without having to be seen if you know various routes you can take to and from a location. You can also find directions a lot faster and if need be, beat the subject to the next location.

Voice Recorders

These are handy to have if you need to record someone’s voice. There are many on the market today that look like a pen or cell phone (you can also use the cell phone and install an app that will record voices).

Fog Lights

Install fog lights on your vehicle. If you’re following someone at night you want to be able to switch to fog lights now and again to throw them off. They will assume it’s a different vehicle following them if you have the fog lights placed as headlights in a different front location on the vehicle.

Bring Binoculars

You may need to observe things from a long distance. Binoculars will help you in this quest.


Take extensive notes and be prepared to edit them prior to going to court. When editing makes sure to remove any inflammatory remarks or derogatory remarks. Only give the facts for court.

Two Pens

It never fails, when taking notes, a pen may break or run out of ink. Be prepared.

Change Of Clothes

Sometimes, you’ll want to change clothes (hats, wigs, different jacket or boots) to change your appearance and throw the subject off. Have a backpack of changes available in case you need them. Better to be overprepared than to be underprepared.

Drive A Non-Descript Car

Make sure that your car blends in. No bumper stickers or any identifying marks should be on your car. No dents, no missing lights, no flames on the side etc. Choose a car that is an earthy color and won’t stand out. Avoid red and yellow cars as this stand out too much.

Many items work as others such as the cell phone that have a camera, video and recording capability. This way you can streamline your equipment and save space and time in packing your vehicle for the day.