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A Look At How Religion Impacts Politics

Even though religion and politics are two separate issues, in America it’s pretty much the same thing. Since the 1970’s political leaders in the United States have been urged to use religion to rally the people. So far it has worked extremely well. In fact, religion impacts politics on such a deep level that any candidate who runs without a clear love for God doesn’t have a chance of winning.

But why is there such a profound connection between two elements that should be in categories of their own? For starters, America is a very religious country. Compared to Europe, America can be regarded as a Christian haven. While most Europeans have abandoned their faith, 65% of Americans consider religion a necessary part of everyday life.

Politics and religion have found common ground in leadership. In other words, they are both based on somebody with power leading the masses. The moment presidents started using the term “God bless America” at the end of every speech, they closed the gap. With every tragic situation the president is going to invoke religion, and in doing so he or she speaks directly to the masses. In some way, the president becomes a human persona of God.

Given that most children in America are raised with some religious doctrine rooted in Christianity, it automatically puts them in a predisposition to follow the candidate who praises God. Just like a mighty prophet guiding his or her flock, so does a president lead the people.

Thanks to the exploitation of religion, American politicians have combined it with politics. So instead of wondering how religion impacts politics, it’s more accurate to ask how it doesn’t have anything to do with managing a deficit and keeping citizens happy.

Religion is unfortuantely something that gets pushed in to the way of politics. It is important that we all understand that religion should NOT define political parties — it is up to us as individuals to stand up and take a stand. Issues like these are widely discussed at NAR usa, where Republicans can help mold the future of the party away from the establishment.